Who we are :

The two award-winning musicians and singers are each a virtuoso in their own specialty ... Giacomo on vocals and Marco on mandolin have already gained decades of stage experience and inspire the audience with their skills.

Giacomo Di Benedetto
Giacomo Di Benedetto
Born in Florence, Italy, Giacomo Di Benedetto recognized his love for music at an early age.

He is the singer of the HUGO STRASSER orchestra from Munich under the direction of Heinrich Haas.

In the course of his multifaceted artistic work, his path also crossed with the musical director of Circus Roncalli Georg Pommer. Di Benedetto was written by him e.g. committed to take part as lead singer in the productions "Circus Meets Classic" and "Vier Jahreszeiten" with the Munich Symphony Orchestra.

For over 10 years there has been a collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Yvonne Pouget, with whom he has worked on numerous dance theater projects in Germany, Europe and Canada.

Di Benedetto also accompanied Valentina Monetta as a background singer in 2012 at the ESC in BAKU (Azerbaijan), and 2 years later to the ESC 2015 in Copenhagen.

In 2019 he met the virtuoso mandolin player and singer Marco Gambardella. The two found each other like good old friends in and through music and created the fantastic duo "Dr.Giac & Mr.Marc" with whom they organize events and concerts together.

Giacomo Di Benedetto lives in Munich, Florence and Cologne.

Marco Mandolinoman
Marco Mandolinoman
The mandolin player Marco Gambardella, who was born in Ischia, can look back on an incredible career.

His talent and show ability brought him to travel and perform all over the world.
Appearances in Madison Square Garden in New York, on Italian television, in film, in Milan, in Berlin, in London, in Las Vegas, Tokyo.

In addition to the public concerts, he has participated in several corporate events for partners such as Porsche, Armani, Microsoft and Louis Vitton throughout Europe; and even more appearances for the German national team, completed at the Berlinale film festival and much more.

Marco Gambardella lives in Kufstein, Austria.

Our history :

Once upon a time ... No ... Joking aside ... Our meeting didn't have anything magical, but it triggered something magical: the coming together of 2 musical souls who immediately found each other in the music. The common cultural background, the feeling for the melody, the joy of improvising ... everything led to the fact that, although we hardly knew each other, we immediately started to organize concerts. And every time we are amazed at the sheer joy and fun we feel when performing in front of our audience.  

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